Webshops and internet business

How shopping online has changed us forever

Forget about the big shopping malls where we were used to shop every now and then, these big iconic places now- are almost considered modern ruins. This has been more recently influenced by the online shops which are all located everywhere across the globe. People are finding it easy to order items online rather than drive to the malls, where you will be subjected to many hours of manual selection and inspection. It seems fairly obvious that these malls pretty soon they will be ‘killed-off' completely by online stores due to many reasons likewise. We explore some of the top reasons!

shopping online BThe Big Bite – not just price munching...

When everyone is keen to sniff out the best prices possible, there is a growing concern with being bitten back from delivery companies who deliver your weekly bounty of boxes. There has been an increased level of dog bites caused by those delivery employees stopping by with your online packages. According to Adage, dog bites were up to 14%, reaching a total of 6,549 incidents in the last year alone! Sadly- if you get stuck for a dog bite related delivery, your pooch could get slapped with attack violations, victim-fueled medical bills and 3rd party fines, or worse- even a ‘putting your pet down’ because they bit too many people!

The Best Deal in Town?

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you will get the best deal, you still have to price shop, nearly to the expression used: ‘until the cows come home’. It’s no surprise you can’t find a better deal in your neck of the woods even though the shipping could be free, those sneaky Chinese people are still selling it 50x cheaper on ‘Wish’ -and still send the item with free shipping! They happen to know that a comment string of just 10-15 people who are happy with instant service will get repeat and recommended customers almost without a question. Maybe they know a little something about how to do business online to insure repeat business… The same is undeniable about finding online gaming casinos where real money is used. You would have to be an idiot to not search around to find the best paying slots online in order to uphold the perceived value you actually intend to spend. A great online casino that’s excellent with customer relations knows this too and shows their proof of good customer reviews through special first time sign-up bonuses or match bonuses that give added value to a player. Added extras often include secure site protection, solid payout percentages, and respected branded slot game developers. They might not be right in your backyard but now that the world in in your back pocket, always make sure you check for the quality sites before jumping at some unknown local yocal.

Be sure to read the ‘fine print’

Though some of these online comments are meant to provide a secondary layer of consumer security, they are the real cause of our insecurities too! Our trust on online has greatly been influenced by the consumer reviews, which for most people often are mistaken as filler or website fluff. To a greater extent we tend to ignore product ratings that have less consumer reviews -even if they are highly rated. It is more common that the media has the highest influence in our lives. However the retailers are not entirely safe from gaining a poor reputation unless its’ products caught attention from the masses. Have we have become tools to what the media and internet say about us, or do we choose to stay silent on rating online products.

Who made who?

We have all become potential victims from identity theft. Initially it was very difficult for an identity thief to target a large amount of data, but now millions of accounts are breached every single day. US analysis and reports states that data theft has increased to 50% from 2015 to 2018. These accounts are worth billions of dollars, and online crooks don’t even need to work hard to get one over on you! The best way to avoid this is not storing your card information with online retailers for long periods. If possible use cards that are pre-paid which reduce excessive spending likewise. According to a study by GFK global, it confirms that internet customers crave convenience, which further explains that the reason we get addicted to online shopping. Online thieves aren’t stupid either, since most younger people today are victims due to smartphone phishing. This process gives them access to your smartphone information which usually gives all the credit card passwords and personal information they’ll need to rip you off without you ever knowing- until you get notified for excessive charges!

Why online shopping flew off-the-shelf!

The fact that online shops offers better prices than regular outlets, and the selection and range of products is better and faster. Another perk is the method of delivery, which is fast and convenient. This has brought a glamorous experience of online shopping full circle, yet having knowledge about a product at our fingertips, news and customer ratings offers the platform of interactions with the world. According to U.S. study, people feel that their time is not worth $20 to $50 just to travel to a brick and mortar shop. And more recently out of laziness, many do not like shopping in general- so to evade this, online shopping has brought relief to those who wish to stay in the comfort of their own home where the choices are almost infinite and we are not restricted by shop hours, traffic or parking problems. Online shopping can take as long as you like or be over in just a matter of minutes. It is all solemnly depends on you.