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online web group BWe are a group who can be best described as mixed melody of individuals. We love the internet, being of which- are entrepreneurs that are passionate about what we do. We all came together to start a website that is dedicated to showing young people the ropes on how to get into their own line of internet entrepreneurship. Here is our creative online team:

Ken Farley: "Now I know why Hawaiian pizza sucks”

I am the website writer. I love the quote "Self-motivation is key, you won't be successful without it". In fact, for this reason, I use the tag "Now I know why Hawaiian pizza sucks" Because there is chaos within everything. A lot of people like to blame things based on their bad choices, but I believe the mindset of taking responsibility of understanding why a type of Pizza in itself the core cause of why many other people hate it too simply makes sense.

Nancy Trinkle: "Sugar Web-Fairy"

I am the website editor. My friends call me the Sugar Web-Fairy but don't be fooled. I am far from sweet. In fact, I am salty. I take my work very seriously, whether its as a sales manager or editor. I give 100% effort to everything I do because more than being a perfectionist, I hate mediocrity. I love the quote "Being the best is the only market that is not crowded". I got my nickname from online friends of mine who always said I was such a web-fairy and my last name sounds like some ‘sweet sounding’ fairy name… Well, it stuck!

George Mack: "Raging Mind"

I am a contributing writer to the website. A long time ago my father said to me "Doing what you believe in and going after your dreams is what will give you success". That is the motto I've lived by all my life and it has served me well I love encouraging young people to stay focused and go after their dreams; because if no one had done it for me, it would probably have taken me a long time to get to where I am today. I use the tag "Raging Mind" because I do have a Raging Mind. I am always coming up with new ideas.

Sarah Lee Stevens: "Mix"

I am a junior editor for the website. I love the quote "The only way to accomplish top-shelf work is to first love what you’re doing”. I am passionate about what I do. I love coming up with ideas and building them up from scratch into a business. I think a lot of people get ideas but only a special few develop them into something useful. I am glad I have the zeal to build up my ideas. I use the online name Mix because I love multitasking.

We believe that there are so many undiscovered opportunities in the world and we hope that we contribute to helping young minds discover their potential. We hope to achieve our goals by providing our audience with unique content that is highly educative, informative and fun, and we hope you’ll be sure to join us with active e-mails that we can view your ideas and comments about what we’re doing here.



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